Cargo Bike
Cargo Bike
Cargo Bike
Cargo Bike
Cargo Bike
Cargo Bike
Cargo Bike

Cargo Bike

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Soft Top
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Always the cargo bike you need.

It comes equipped with a variable organizer set* and quickly mountable side panels* for loose cargo. Add the Soft-Top* and you have a closed transporter. When things get bulky, cross-bars and tension straps come to the rescue.

Additionally, this e-cargo bike always has a solution for carrying up to a maximum of 70 kg of load. In short, it is your new, versatile and fully-fledged transport vehicle with plenty of space and smart features. Say goodbye to the car and hello to the Cargo Bike!

Arrive at your destination worry-free with well-thought-out load securing

Unsecured, slipping cargo can pose a safety risk on a cargo bike. That's why the Cargo Bike is packed with clever solutions for transport safety. For you, this means a secure road position even when fully loaded.



Low center of gravity

Almost like a sports car: the particularly low center of gravity gives the Cargo Bike a unique driving experience. This is achieved by positioning the motor, batteries*, and even the cargo low. On the clever and highly variable transport platform, you can also distribute your load perfectly. This ensures that the e-cargo bike always remains in balance and is almost as easy to ride as a conventional e-bike.

Gas spring stand foot

One thing is for sure: your Cargo Bike, even with a full load of up to 225 kilograms. This is thanks to the particularly stable and easy-to-use stand foot with a gas spring. It keeps the cargo bike securely in place and prevents tipping. This ensures that your bike remains stable, allowing you to not only park it securely but also load and unload it without any worries, even if things get a bit rough.

loading area including cross-bars

Cargo Line Motor

The special Cargo Line Motor gets you up to speed. With its 85 Newton-meters of torque and speeds of up to 25 km/h, it powerfully and evenly drives the Cargo Bike. Even with heavy loads, the strong drive never breaks a sweat. And thanks to dualbattery, ranges of up to 125 kilometers are possible. So the bike quickly gets you from A to B, even if B is far away.



Perfectly adjustable brake power, even on a fully loaded e-cargo bike. That's exactly what the strong hydraulic disc brakes provide on the Cargo Bike. The brake system is specifically designed for e-cargo bikes, featuring powerful brake calipers with two pistons at the front and four pistons at the back. Additionally, the brake discs are particularly large, with 203 millimeters at the front and 220 millimeters at the back. 


Super practical: The Soft-Walls* and the matching Soft-Top* protect your cargo. They shield your load from wind and weather as well as prying eyes. When you need them, you can quickly and easily attach the Soft-Walls to your Cargo Bike. Then, if necessary, add the Soft-Top, which can be accessed from both sides. It's really practical? We think so!

Hub Gears

The innovative hub gear system ensures perfect gear ratio as standard. You can choose your preferred pedaling frequency and enjoy maximum riding pleasure. Additionally, the durable system saves valuable battery power.

Cable steering with double cable routing

With four instead of the usual two cables, the intentionally redundant cable steering provides additional safety. Additionally, the Cargo Bike impresses with its precise steering behavior. And thanks to its large steering angle, it is the king of maneuverability.

Gates belt including belt tensioner.

The Gates belt drive transmits power to the rear wheel quietly, cleanly, and with low maintenance. Additionally, the guide keeps the belt in place while the tensioner keeps it tight. This means more time in the saddle and less time in the workshop.


Translation: Thanks to the bright integrated lighting system, you'll have everything in sight. During the day, the daytime running light makes you visible, while at night the switchable high beam turns night into day.


The high-quality tires provide excellent rolling characteristics, high puncture protection, and a lot of grip. The softer rubber compound on the front tire ensures good traction and stability in curves. The rear tires, specially designed for bike, can carry heavy loads.

Ergonomic grips and saddles

Comfort through ergonomic equipment: The grips provide a pleasant and ergonomic grip on the handlebars. The saddle ensures a high level of seating comfort and a back-friendly posture.

Frame Handle,

All under control: With the frame handle, you can easily prop up the e-bike on the stand. The ergonomic handle also helps when pushing and maneuvering, making it easy to move the cargo bike even in tight spaces.

Lockable Battery-Safe

Whether you have one or two batteries, they are securely stored in the floating stainless steel safe located in the bottom of the cargo area. Protected from damage and theft, the Battery-Safe also contributes to the low center of gravity and pleasant driving characteristics.

Overall length270 cm
Wheelbase206.5 cm
Step-through height46.5 cm
Rear wheel27.5"
Front wheel20"
Width65 cm
Interior dimension width60 cm
Interior dimension length75.5 cm
Interior dimension length (Eurobox)80 cm
Interior dimension width (Eurobox)60 cm
Body height1.60-2 m
Empty weight53 kg
Capacity370 L / 70 kg
Max. total weight225 kg

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